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A few weeks ago we posted a great workout using the Bosu ball, a fabulous piece of equipment that forces you to balance while performing strength training exercises.

About the Bosu. The Bosu trainer looks like half an exercise ball mounted on a rigid plastic base. You can use the Bosu ball with the dome side facing up, so it sits flat on the plastic base, or as a wobble board with the dome side facing down.

The BOSU is essentially 1/2 of a stability ball with a solid, flat base. For this exercise you want to place the BOSU upside down (the ball side down/and flat base up). You want to stand on the BOSU with your feet about shoulder width apart and your toes pointing straight forwad.

3 Station # 3 – PUSH UP TO T-STAND Place both hands on the dome of the BOSU® Balance Trainer (BT) in a push up position. Perform push up (on toes or

Before the BOSU came around in 1999, trainers and therapists would use a full stability ball (Swiss ball, physio ball, etc.) to challenge balance by having clients sit on it, roll around on it, and occasionally stand.

Stand with Bosu to your right, holding band with both hands, arms extended in front of you (wrap ends of band around fists). Sidestep right foot atop Bosu, then push off center to hop up and over Bosu, landing with right foot to right of ball and left foot on ball; as you land, pull hands farther apart so that arms form a T.

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Stand with feet together about a foot behind a stability ball. Bend from the hips, placing hands on ball. Keeping torso extended and abs and glutes tight, raise left leg behind you until it’s parallel to the floor.

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A Stand with feet hip-width distance holding medicine ball with both hands overhead, with arms fully extended. B Shift hips down and back as you explosively slam the medicine ball into to the ground. C Allow the ball to bounce back into hands and repeat the sequence.

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A century ago, the medicine ball was all the rage, lifted by men in straw boaters in striped tank tops, sporting handlebar mustaches. Fast forward in the fitness time machine past kettle and stability balls and into the gyms of today, and you’ll find the belle of the fitness ball is now the BOSU.

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The BOSU is essentially 1/2 of a stability ball with a solid, flat base. For this exercise you want to place the BOSU upside down (the ball side down/and flat base up). You want to stand on the BOSU with your feet about shoulder width apart and your toes pointing straight forwad.

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Flip the ball back on its flat side and stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Place both hands on the dome and jump out into a push-up position. (A) Jump back into a squat and stand up. (B) Jump onto and off the dome with both feet. Repeat 12 to 15 times. 6 Quick BOSU-Ball Exercises.

Standing ab exercises tone your middle while working your entire body, increasing your caloric burn. Overhead Circles With Medicine Ball. try this move while standing on a BOSU.